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StrataGen’s end-to-end platform delivers the most comprehensive transit management system on the market. Our intuitive suite of technology components are engineered to deliver world-class efficiencies, ensure compliance and improve rider satisfaction.

StrataGen Systems, Inc. is the global leader of integrated transit solutions for paratransit, demand response and non-emergency medical transportation. Our solutions apply your schedulers’ and dispatchers’ knowledge and best practices, based on your unique environment and translate those insights across your entire operation. From booking to our best-in-class scheduling and real-time dispatching, nobody provides better operational performance and quality of service. By leveraging deep visibility into your operation’s performance you can drive the metrics that matter most for you.

Our solutions like the new ADEPT 7 platform are aligned with Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) standards and built across open architectures. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals by delivering comprehensive solutions based on deep expertise and understanding of mobility management. The StrataGen team is dedicated to building a partnership for your long-term success.


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Comprehensive and cost-effective software solutions for scheduling and dispatch OUR MARKETS Large and midsize paratransit agencies, non-emergency medical transportation providers OUR CUSTOMERS
Over 80,000 trips per day; 30,000,000 trips per year. Here is a sampling of systems running on StrataGen products