Cost-effective, end-to-end demand response and paratransit solutions (automated scheduling, in-vehicle terminals, payment processing, intermodal trip planning) designed to improve operational efficiency and customer service, not one at the expense of the other. Just ask MTA New York City Transit, Access Services Inc. Los Angeles, Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority, Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation, Detroit, Broward County Transit….

Contrary to what some of the existing scheduling solutions may suggest, efficiency and quality of service are not mutually exclusive. StrataGen offers hassle-free, cost-effective solutions that help agencies serve more trips without additional demand on resources, (vehicles, drivers, etc.), while improving rider satisfaction.


Depending on the needs of the agency, StrataGen solutions can scale up and down to meet the operational requirements.

StrataGen’s non-emergency medical transportation-specific scheduling functions help providers reduce operational costs, by serving more customers with reduced vehicles and route counts.


Easy data import, ability to schedule riders from different agencies into separate vehicles if needed, or the ability to preferentially broker trips based on the lowest-cost option are just some of the differentiating features of ADEPT.


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